Slide Crystal Investment Limited In the past, we principally invest with our own capital, though we have formed various venture with strategic partners. Our new strategy is to explore opportunities in working with capital partners in order to expand our reach for breadth and scale. Crystal Investment has over 30 years of experience investing and developing real estate in Hong Kong and China. We have a strong in-house development and asset management team which allows us to take on opportunities like greenfield development, re-development, and value-add strategies.
Our diversified portfolio provides us with a good understanding of the Real Estate market and its various sectors, hence improving our assessment ability on the investment landscape.
Business Scope
Residential Development – PRC

We see attractive opportunities in residential projects in China and we have the experience and connection to manage projects from beginning to finish.

Residential Development – HK

We strive to serve local communities by developing properties with close proximity to existing infrastructure and improving public transportation by unlocking inherent value in each property.

Re-Development – HK

Crystal Investment develops commercial projects by fully utilizing its sophisticated experience and strengths in planning, design, construction, operation, promotion and management.

Asset management

We understand the value of a well-managed asset. Since it typically requires more time and effort than what is anticipated by most investors, Crystal Investment and its dedicated team of asset managers are able to develop and upgrade the assets effectively, and hence place a business in a better position to increase return on investment in the long run.