Yongda Auto 2015 Annual Results Investor Presentation / Media Luncheon and Commentator Dinner

PR ASIA tailor made a Public Relations program for Yongda Auto targeting its Annual Results announcement in March 2016.

The Investor Presentation took place at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong on 21 March 2016. The management presented to fellow investors the Company’s business development and competitive situation, shared the new business trend and analyzed the Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) ahead, deepened public understanding towards Yongda Auto and automotive industry in China.

PR ASIA designed luncheon invitation to a special list of media contacts including news agencies, magazines and online social media platform. On the same day, the Company was arranged to a dinner with well-known commentators in Hong Kong and executed message to further familiarize the public about the Company’s business operation, financial highlights and future prospects.

This series of Public Relations activities has strengthened Yongda Auto’s corporate image and investor network thus gaining stronger exposure for its corporate brand, enriching public awareness and knowledge about the Chinese automotive industry meanwhile putting a high premium on the Company’s business transparency in their interactions with the general public.