MediNet Group Debut on the GEM of SEHK Share Price Up 4.5 Times

MediNet Group Limited (Stock Code: 8161), one of the major corporate medical solutions providers in Hong Kong, was successfully listed on the Growth Enterprise Market on 31 May 2016. PR ASIA has illustrated critical support for MediNet Group’s debut on the GEM through a series of marketing events for the Company and the management that capture intense public interests, such as meeting with the Finance page Media. The Company successfully gained exposure and understanding on its principle business, investment value, competitive edges and potential prospects.

PR ASIA has turned MediNet Group’s stock market launch into an effective communication campaign and made MediaNet Group’s mark in the capital market with PR ASIA’s team of professionals, strong media network and tactful PR strategies.

MediNet Group’s share price closed at HKD1.48 per share, approximately [-]% higher than its placing price. A total of approximately 12.54 million shares changed hands on turnover of approximately HKD 24.97 million. MediNet Group’s alarming price growth has outperformed the overall market on Hang Seng indicators which only recorded 0.9% increase for the day.