Grand Opening Ceremony of DAZZEON Car Academy

DAZZEON, a company holding the cutting-edge nanotechnology, has set up its first DAZZEON Car Academy in Hong Kong in May 2016; a grand opening ceremony was successfully held on 9th May with the assistance from PR ASIA. With the participation of over 100 guests including celebrities in the automotive and transportation sector, famous racer etc., the opening ceremony was bustling. A few demonstration area was also set up at the venue, bringing the guests a firsthand experience of the effects on automotive care and electronic devices, where DAZZEON’s exclusive nanotechnology has applied to.

Being the most cutting-edge size nanotechnology, DAZZEON’s exclusive nanotechnology is able to shrink a molecule to the size of 1.7 nm, which is way smaller than the molecules with the size of 80-150mn being currently used in the industry. Molecules can be applied to any materials that is possibly included in a automotive after being shrunk, such as metal, leather etc, and deeply implant into the pores of the materials for optimization. With the application of the associated nanotechnology, automotive surfaces become clean while the structure is strengthened. For instance, the hardness of the body surface becomes enhanced and more resistant to scratches; hydrophobicity is improved at the same time to reduce accumulation of moisture and formation of stains.