Daiichi Hotpot Grand Opening cum Charity Dinner

Daiichi Hotpot was all set to open on 15th May. Along with the grand opening ceremony, the entire revenue of that night was donated to “Egive For You Charity Foundation”, an internet-based crowd-funding platform, making the opening extra meaningful. A list of distinguished guests and celebrities were participated in the opening ceremony, such as Founder and CEO of Daiichi Hotpot Mr. Rick Tam, Founder and Chairman of Egive For You Charity Foundation, Dr. Cho Kwai Chee and its Principal Patron Dr. Pollyanna Chu, Spokespersons of Daiichi Hotpot, Bob Lam and Vivian Chan, together with a group of social and financial elites and entertainment celebrities.

Situated at the core district in Tsim Sha Tsui, Daiichi is committed to taste and quality in ingredients and a pristine dining environment, with an aim to offer its customers an innovative experience of Hong Kong style hotpot cuisine. It provides a variety of signature and seasonal broths and hotpot menu, including the shark fin, Spanish ham in premium broth, the black truffles and mixed mushrooms soup, as well as the exclusive premium local pork etc. Furthermore, Mr. Tam also took part in a row of interviews conducted by the major food and beverage media that generated positive media coverage extensively.